Kokkinokastro is one of the most impressive beaches of our island thanks to its unique red colored rocks that surround it. In fact, Kokkinokastro along with Saint Demetrios were declared two of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Greece according to GEO magazine of the Eleytherotypia newspaper.

Kokkinokastro is accessible by land via an asphalt road, where ample parking space is available. Location of Kokkinokastro beachAfter the parking spot you will find a 30 meter long footpath which will lead you straight to the shore. The beach is rather large and on the left half side deck chairs and umbrellas are available for rent. The beach includes a small bar where you can buy ice coffees, soft drinks and water. In addition, there are canoes for you to rent and explore the numerous smaller beaches that surround Kokkinokastro or the old ruins of the Red Castle that was built in the area.
Moreover, Kokkinokastro is one of the most important archaeological sites since therein lies the old city of Ikos. Unfortunately there have not been extensive digs or studies and the ruins of the Red Castle’s walls is the only visible remain of the ancient city of Ikos.
Kokkinokastro is also one of the most beautiful spots to snorkel and admire the natural beauty of our ocean.
Last but not least, we should mention that one of the best times to visit the area is when the sun starts to set and the combination of the reddish sun light reflected on the red rocks of Kokkinokastro give you the ideal set up for pictures and relaxation.


Estimated time necessary to reach Kokkinokastro:
By Car/Bike : 10 – 15 minutes
On foot : 35 – 45 minutes


Some photos from the beach of Kokkinokastro